Technical Details

Bible Files
Bible Files are located on /sdcard/OpenBibles/Bible.
Bible Files are in UTF-8 plain text format.
* line 1-31102: verses from Genesis 1:1 until Revelation 22:21.
* line 31103: empty line
* line 31104: unique id of bible file, should starts with: id=
* line 31105: bible name, should starts with: description=
* line 31106: bible information, should starts with: about=
Recognized tag on bible text is subset of .ont file:
<TS>…<Ts> : Heading
<FR>…<Fr> : Word of Jesus
<RF>…<Rf> : Footnote
<CM> : New Paragraph
<CL> : New Line

Book Name and abbreviations
Bible Book Names (Genesis, Exodus, etc.) and their abbreviations are located on /sdcard/OpenBibles/BookName.
You can add bible book names in your own language by creating a UTF-8 text file.
* Filename should be in lowercase and ended with .bkn extension.
* The file should contains 66 lines and each line representing single bible book name and its abbreviation.
* Separate book name and abbreviation by “;;” characters.
Sample file:
line 1: Genesis;;Gen
line 2: Exodus;;Exo

line 64: 3 John;;3 Jn
line 65: Jude;;Jude
line 66: Revelation;;Rev

Bookmark Files
Active Bookmarks are being accessed from SQLite Database inside android internal memory. However, this bookmarks can be exported to SD Card. We also can import bookmark from SD Card into android internal memory.
Bookmark file on SD Card have .bmk extension. It is an UTF-8 plain text format.
Each line contains single bookmark which is CSV-like format.
There are 7 fields on each line which is separated by “;;” characters. Those fields are:
1. Category name
2. Book name (Genesis=1, Revelation=66)
3. Chapter number
4. Verse Start-Verse End (there should be dash ‘-‘ character)
5. Verse Content
6. Bible File Name (in lowercase and without .ont extension)
7. Date Time Format in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm

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32 Responses to Technical Details

  1. Tan Chan Hick says:

    Yes, thank you I’m looking for a bible that had English-Chinese Pin Yin Bible pls. can your help me to lacate this item.Thank you.

    • yohanyudanara says:

      You can download bible in Chinese Pinyin Translation and download bible in English Translation.
      And then you can read it in parallel mode.
      Look at “Getting Started” on this blog for step-by-step instruction downloading bible translation.
      Thanks and God Bless You…

      • Keh Tan says:

        I am currently using a tablet. The parallel mode (top/bottom display) was helpful. Can you please allow option to display parallel mode in left/right (horizontal display) so that each bible line from two different versions can be displayed side by side (across the page) and line number in sync.
        Thank you.

  2. yohanyudanara says:

    Nice suggestion. I’ll consider to apply it on the future release update.
    But I can’t promise you when it will be ready.
    Thank you..

  3. Benson says:

    Are you able to upload source code so we can learn how you implemented this

  4. Joseph says:

    Great app!
    Is there an easier way of converting a word document to ont?


  5. Hi

    I have a question, how to add new polish bible translation to open bible.

    We have the bible in csv file:

    All copyrights to “Nowa Biblia Gdańska” are not reserved.

  6. Wai Chan says:

    Hello, I am a new user of OPENBIBLES software. I have a Blackberry Play Book with internal memory of 32MB. How can I download OPENBIBLES to install with Bibles into the Play Book internal 32 MB memory? Thanks your help.
    Wai Chan

  7. Brian says:

    Is there a version that can be loaded on a PC?

  8. Donex says:

    This is really a great application. I just wonder if it is possible to change the application’s icon? A cross would be much preferable. Thanks for the app.

  9. Sihol says:

    Hi, I revamped your app, if you don’t mind… You can check here:

    It would be nice if we can have advanced search feature in the future. Thanks so much for the apps. I love it 🙂 God bless you. Jesus loves you.

  10. Ernie says:

    Thank You! Thank You!, Great App I needed something like this

  11. James Baker says:

    I have the galaxy 7 .2 0 and the books are stuck in download says UN able to open is there anything I can do to get them in my tablet?

  12. Ernie says:

    Will the Words bible commentary modules work with this program?

  13. Roger says:

    I noticed that the NKJV was not red letter and I was attempting to make it so but it doesn’t seem to work: at start of verse and at the end of the verse as in the KJV and other .ont modules by theWord. Is there something else required? thanks..

    • yohanyudanara says:

      The Red letter only required opening FR and closing Fr, nothing else is required.
      Are you sure you have copied the modified .ont file to the correct directory on your android device ?
      It is placed on /sdcard/OpenBibles/bibles.

      Thank you..

      • Roger says:

        The only thing I can come up with is that data is being held in memory and the new file is not getting accessed. I will try doing some thing to get the data dumped. If I get this done, do you want a copy for your website???? thanks again…

      • yohanyudanara says:

        Certainly yes..
        I would be very happy to receive a copy from you.
        Thank you very much..
        You can email me at yohan[dot]yudanara[at]gmail[dot]com

      • Roger says:

        ok, you got it just as soon as I get this phone to cooperate!!!!!!

      • Roger says:

        another question I changed the “id” to “mkjv” and the “description” to “My King James Version” and it will not load the bible – why???

      • yohanyudanara says:

        Hmm.. I don’t have any idea what causes that problem.. You can send me the .ont file, and I will try in my android device when I have time.. Thank you..


  14. Roger says:

    For some reason my previous message does not show the codes I entered because they are html, so I am going to try again: “” start of verse “” after the verse without the quotes.

  15. Roger says:

    Still a problem with the angle brackets: FR before verse and Fr after the verse….

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